Our Story

"Where creativity and hard work are celebrated."

Tribal Designs is a new collaboration with a community of indigenous women from the Huichol tribe. The Huichol tribe is one of the oldest in Mexico and is known for its artistry and music. The members of this people group are often found struggling for daily life, as they are often live on the fringes of modern society in Mexico.

The community we partner with is found in a remote mountain village, hours away from any real town. The people in this village walk a mile or so down a steep incline for their daily water needs and all cook their meals over a fire. Men often struggle to find any real work, and if they do--the work often takes them far from the village for large periods of time. This means daily living and provision often falls on the women of the tribe. The women's main source of income is the beaded jewelry they create.

Our idea is to expand the marketplace for these women. We are a non-profit business, which means the more we sell, the more we are able to purchase from the tribe! We are excited to watch the business grow--and to watch the joy grow in the eyes of the women we are partnering with, as they begin to see reason to hope, and reason to keep on creating.  

Please, join with us as we seek to create a thriving community!


Much love,

The Women of Tribal Designs


At Tribal Designs, we want to honor the culture and tradition passed down through the Huichol people for generations and generations--all the way back to Mexico's first days. We want them to see that their creativity and ancient art has worth. At the same time, we work to tailor their age-old art forms into something that can be worn and appreciated by a woman in today's modern world.



It is our desire to see the faces of our hard-working artisans beam with pride as they watch us gush over their artistry... and as they watch their items sell, thereby creating ongoing income for their families! We think that as this cycle happens, little girls can only grow up learning from their  mamas that hard work pays off and that their mamas are worthy of dignity and respect--and that, by extension--so are they.


Working as a team can be a hard thing in a small village fighting for survival. Our dream is that, over time, as we build trust brick by brick... our artisans can slowly learn to grow into a unified team. That they would lean into each other for strength and would learn to cheer each other on and desire the success of the whole group.