Our January Buying Trip~ the one where Brandi gets to come along!


It was so exciting that Brandi was able to join me on this buying trip! She is the first one (outside of our family) that has been able to do so.... and traveling is way more fun when you are with a friend! This picture: On the first plane... heading towards Mexico City. Let the adventure begin! 🤗 ✈️

 We left San Antonio, Texas around 1:30pm landed in Zacatecas (after a quick stop in Mexico City) at 6:50pm and were picked up by my Uncle Lowell. Of course... the first stop had to be 🌮 🌮 🌮!! And Coca!! 🥤 


Thursday dawned.... fresh and sunny and, after a delicious breakfast, we were off to the village! Before we got there, we stopped to buy from Alma Rosa and her son, Edgar. Alma Rosa had made several beautiful traditional flower necklaces, and Edgar had made some flower earrings. After purchasing those, Edgar and his little sister Blanca hopped in the truck with us to ride up to the village with us. Alma Rosa is originally from the village, but now lives in a town about 1.5 hours from the village. So, the kids took advantage of the chance for a free ride up to see their grandma, Rosalva!! 💕💕


View from the top... almost to the village!! 🎉🏞😍

The drive up to the village is about three hours. It used to be closer to a five hour drive, so the roads have greatly improved. However, it is still a winding, bouncy, rocking mountain road... ascending to about 8,000 feet... and is no joke~ especially for anyone who struggles with motion sickness!! No matter how I describe it~ there’s nothing like experiencing it for yourself! 😆💕


Arriving to the village is always so exciting! 🎉😃 The air there is a mix of pine and wood smoke, and the house are all made by hand as well~ mostly from blocks with thatch roofs. 

 It was such a joy to introduce Brandi to the ladies... and they were as happy to meet her as she was them. We were able to ask a local, Huichol pastor, Lorena, to translate for us. So Brandi would speak in English, I would translate to Spanish and Lorena would translate to the Huichol dialect. A real chain of communication!


The buying was... as always... very busy and exciting! However~~ more than anything ~~ it was marked by many smiles & giggles... and J O Y!! 💕😃🥰💕



After about 3-4 hours, we finished the buying... tired & happy. And hungry!! It was around 5pm and we hadn’t had lunch yet! After stopping for a open-air, mountainside picnic of sandwiches, we headed home. We, of course, had to stop at a few places where the beauty of the landscapes outside our windows were too pretty to pass by!! Also pictured: my Uncle Lowell! Thankful that he went above and beyond to provide our transportation... and all the fun in between! 💕💕


Buying day ended with tacos 🌮 & horchata 🥤with wonderful friends!! David and Christin graciously hosted us at their home during our stay in Mexico... So thankful for the many laughs and for the great rest times there in between “the busy” of the trip! Gracias, David & Christin !! 💕
Fun fact: David is the one who designed our Tribal Designs logo!! 🙌🏼🎉


We ended our trip with a day of fun... exploring the capital city of Zacatecas!! It is a gorgeous city... with centuries-old streets and buildings~~ and artful scenes everywhere you turn! We were so thankful to get to spend time with local missionary, Ana, as well as Uncle Lowell. Also... the fact that Zacatecas has a Starbucks made the day that much more fun! 🤗🤗 


Thank you, to each of you, for making this buying trip our biggest buy yet! We are sooo excited for you all to fall in love with all the amazing *new* things our ladies have made!

Also, thanks to Brandi for many of these beautiful pictures! 


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